Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director

BFA in visual communication, Beckmans College of Design 2023, Stockholm

Hyper Island Digital Media Creative 2020, Stockholm
social: @eliotlydeen


Motion Design
Graphic Design
Eliot Siekkinen Lydeén

Graphic Designer & Art director
social: @eliotlydeen

Det judiska Södermalm

Concept creation,
Motion design

Art Director, Motion Designer,
3D-Motion Designer

Year & Place
2022, Beckmans College of Design

I collaborated with the Stockholm Jewish Museum to create an innovative city guide in the form of a video podcast available on Spotify. The guide takes the form of a narrated walk through the city, and when the user hears a specific signal, they can open the Spotify app to access three-dimensional visualizations of the interiors of the places they are visiting.

Full project description:

This guide takes you on an immersive audiovisual journey through the Jewish history of Södermalm. By using your phone as a window to the past, you will be transported to five significant locations that played a crucial role in the lives of Stockholm's Orthodox Jewish community during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Through written depictions and archived photographs, we have recreated these places of the past as three-dimensional visualizations.

Our aim is to offer another layer in the complex story of the Jewish community in Stockholm and to bring us closer to history. The visualizations provide a unique and engaging way of exploring the places and people that made up this community, giving us a better understanding of their culture and way.