Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director

BFA in visual communication, Beckmans College of Design 2023, Stockholm

Hyper Island Digital Media Creative 2020, Stockholm
social: @eliotlydeen


Motion Design
Graphic Design
Eliot Siekkinen Lydeén

Graphic Designer & Art director
social: @eliotlydeen

Material Spaces

Fashion Film, Fashion Photography,

Art Director, Motion Designer,
Editor, Graphic Designer

Year & Place
2022, Beckmans College of Design

Alongside my fellow classmates Lova, Julian, and Wasim, I collaborated on a concept to shoot our fashion program's inaugural collection. Drawing inspiration from the students' collections, which were created by sourcing materials from their surroundings, we aimed to capture each look in a distinctive environment that reflected the designers' creative process. To achieve this, we designed 13 animated backdrops, each representing a unique look, and utilized backlit projection to capture them in their respective environments.

DOP: Adam Hermansson

Photography: Wasim Harwill