Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director

BFA in visual communication, Beckmans College of Design 2023, Stockholm

Hyper Island Digital Media Creative 2020, Stockholm
social: @eliotlydeen


Motion Design
Graphic Design
Eliot Siekkinen Lydeén

Graphic Designer & Art director
social: @eliotlydeen

Works of Essence

SoMe content, product photography, Motion Design, 3D Graphics,
Website design

Art Director, Motion Designer, Webbdesigner

Year & Place
2020, Beckmans


This is the visual identity and exhibition design that my classmate Lova and I created for the exhibition of our perfume projects, which were developed as part of the Art Direction course at Beckmans. Our versatile identity was designed to be effective in both digital and physical mediums, as the exhibition was hosted in various spaces in Paris and Stockholm. To make it easily distinguishable from its surroundings, we chose a bold neon color as the centerpiece of the identity.

The typography and graphic elements were inspired by the Art Nouveau aesthetic, a nod to the Parisian roots of perfumery, as well as the movement of stylized particles that visualizes the ephemeral nature of fragrances. We incorporated the neon color and graphic elements into custom scent sticks and bottles, postcards, posters, and custom-made plinths. Additionally, we created multiple social media posts and a website to showcase the exhibition.

Overall, our visual identity and exhibition design successfully captured the essence of our perfume projects while effectively communicating the concept and aesthetic to a diverse audience.